Automate license checks for total compliance

Beyond best practice compliance system for private security, and working with children in Victoria

  • Licenses verified via the offical police and government databases
  • Peace of mind for compliance and duty of care.
  • Fail safe warnings, alerts and reports.
  • Proof of compliance.
  • Easy to use and easy to comply.

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    Protect your business and reputation by automating your compliance responsibilities.

    Simply solve the manual license check for your workforce

    One less thing you need to worry about - Automate the repetitive, time-consuming, and error prone task of manually checking each person's license.

    AboveProof helps your business go beyond best practice

    AboveProof gives strength and certainty to your compliance processes. It is a bullet proof solution.

    Protect your clients, protect you business

    Things happen and incidents do occur. The last thing you need to think about is whether your team is licensed, so don’t and delegate the task to AboveProof.

    Free trial with no obligation

    Putting in a new system is daunting and you might not be sure. AboveProof backs itself and will back you, each and every day. Give it a try - you have nothing to lose.

    Compliance Stakeholders

    AboveProof has been demonstrated to teams in local councils, Victoria Police and VCGLR and rolled out in security and licensed businesses across Victoria.

    Protect your business

      Do I Qualify?

      For a demonstration or trial, complete the form

      My business is a:


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      License Checks is a daily task that should be done daily or weekly to guarantee your operation run smoothly and is compliant. AboveProof is a beyond best practice that takes care of this for you and your business.

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      System Features

      AboveProof has the compliance features you need to make managing your private security teams and business easier.

      System features

      Keep your team up to date

      Whether you're at a festival, moving from venue to venue, or double checking to ensure your team are licensed to work before rostering. You'll know the moment you see your team if they're good to go!

      Keep your team updated

      Automatic warnings and alerts

      If one of your team’s licenses does happen or is about to be suspended you will know.

      Automatic Warnings and Alerts

      Easy access to data

      Need to demonstrate that your business has taken reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence in avoiding any compliance breaches - AboveProof makes sure you can do this. Individual personnel pages keeps track of all of the important information that you want to remember about each person. A valuable communication tool for you and your team so that the right people, get the right information.

      Easy access to information

      AboveProof guarantees compliance

      AboveProof has done the due-diligence and put in place strategies to guarantee we do our job so you can do yours.

      Guarantees compliance

      Protecting Your Business

      AboveProof worked with a range of partners, from security companies, late night venues, bars, clubs, government departments & Victoria Police to ensure that its system works.

      “The AboveProof system is something that the industry needed and really lacked. Knowing that all my staff are compliant, and getting a notification whenever something happens gives me incredible peace of mind. It’s reduced my risk, and helped save time in my business. I’d recommend any business that employs security personnel to use AboveProof.”

      Client Name: NSA

      Industry: Private Security Provider

      # Guards: 300+

      Business Overview & Risk

      NSA are a national provider of security services that work closely with event organisers who produce or host major events, national concerts, and some of the largest festivals in the country. NSA ensure events are run smoothly with the best security practices, personnel and systems in place.

      Employing 300+ individuals, NSA back their team with the best processes for dealing with potential risks. The database of individuals that NSA has from their years of successful operations is well in excess of 400 individuals.


      NSA found out only three of the guards in the their extensive database had been effected via AboveProof's application. NSA’s CEO, George, was altered via email early. This allowed NSA to ensure that those individuals were removed from their database. Other businesses did not catch this sudden change, and were caught out. It ended up being the focus of major media outlets at nationally significant venues and events.


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      Is my data secure?

      AboveProof takes protecting your personal information and keeping your data safe as a top priority. Below are the measures in place to keep our platform secure.

      • All communication is encrypted with SSL using a SHA256 certificate – this is the same level of protection used by e-commerce or online banking providers.
      • AboveProof’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed by Heroku. Heroku has decades-long experience. Its technology and security is state of the art and is used by businesses and individuals all over the world.
      • All data is stored in the Amazon data centre, located in Sydney.

      How can it guarantee compliance?

      There are two ways we protect you.
      1. All of the individual licenses you’ve uploaded are checked so that in the first instance you will not have an issue.
      2. If in the highly improbable and unlikely event an individual does not have a valid license we will have implemented bullet-proof evidence to demonstrate you have taken “reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence to avoid the conduct” in accordance with section 161 of the Private Security Act 2004 (Vic).

      How does it work?

      AboveProof checks the Licensing and Regulations database at specific times to ensure that individuals remain licensed.

      We also have manual processes in place to ensure redundancies exist to give you peace of mind.

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      Visit the feature centre via this link. There are step-by-step walk throughs and video tutorials for each feature. If you’re still not sure, arrange a call and we will help you with anything you need.

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