If you own or manage a hospitality venue or business, you must comply with the new Victorian Hospitality Venue Guidelines.

After strict COVID-19 restrictions, venues are now being permitted to re-open to the public. The Victorian Government have put in guidelines to protect the health and safety of customers and staff. These guidelines are explained in more detail below. 

As a ‘COMPLIANCE based organisation, the team at AboveProof have extensive knowledge and experience with government compliance and hospitality-based organisations. We have undertaken the leg-work to set up an easy-to-use compliance system for hospitality business owners that ensures compliance.

Important information

Who needs to comply to these guidelines? 

All hospitality businesses no matter how big or small must comply.

Who is responsible for organising compliance? 

Business owners are responsible for arranging and implementing this system, while managers and staff are responsible for adhering to this system.

When did these guidelines come into effect and why?

The guidelines have been put in place by the Victorian Government in response to COVID-19 as of 26th of May 2020.

When does my business need to comply? 

Your business needs to have compliance processes in place before re-opening to the public. If you are serving customers, you must ensure you are complying with the guidelines.  

What do I need to do in order to be compliant? 

> Set up a system to record customer contact details. This can be in the shape of a paper-based or electronic form that collects at a minimum, first name and a contact number. 

> Set up a system to ensure staff complete a health check at the beginning of every shift. This can be in the shape of a paper-based or electronic form that includes a time stamp and basic details. 

>Ensure your systems for customers and staff minimise physical contact and germ spreading (e.g. you should not use an iPad for all customers). You must also ensure you retain customer contact details in a secure manner for at least 28 days after the customer has visited your venue.

What are the benefits of using AboveProof’s compliance system?

#Simple and easy for business owners, staff and customers to use
#Secure, private and reliable data storage
#Specifically branded for your business
#Contactless and seamless to use
#Cloud-based with Google

How does AboveProof’s compliance system work?


The staff member or customer scans a QR code from their phone.

Above Proof hospitality compliance form

The staff member or customer is taken to an online form to complete.

Above Proof database image

Data is securely saved, stored and accessible by your business.

What is the cost if you want AboveProof to do the work?

$150 inc GST

This will include all future compliance updates that may be required and data management.

Or if you are interested in setting this up yourself for free, you can download this short white paper.


What happens if/when the guidelines change again?

AboveProof will update your account accordingly wherever relevant so that you remain compliant at all times. This will be included in the original cost.

Where are the Victorian guidelines?

The guidelines can be found on the Business Victoria website. In terms of collecting information and doing checks with forms there are two.

How can AboveProof help me and what does it cost?

There are two ways AboveProof can help you:

1. Access our white paper and set up your own forms at no cost.

2. Access our compliance system where we will set up your forms, pages and QR codes for you – all with your own branding. The cost is a one-off $150 fee.

How do AboveProof ensure data privacy and security? 

We have an extensive privacy policy here, but to avoid the jargon all your info is protected with the security provided by Google. AboveProof’s internal policy is to remove the data after 28 days or inline with any other guidelines that come out from time to time.

Can I test the compliance system before I commit?

We offer a 5 day cooling-off period. If you are not happy with the service provided, we will happily refund you.

Other services are only asking for customer details, why do I need to do staff health checks?

It is part of the guidelines to implement a secure screening process for staff and employees.

How and when can I access customer contact information?

Once your account is set up you can access the contact information at anytime via any internet-connected device.

Who else is using this compliance system?l

Nightclubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and security companies are using this system to help them keep their business, staff and customers on the road to recovery from COVID-19.

Your Options

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